Secret Lab

Cryptic Killer:
Secret Lab

Detectives Ally and Old Dog follow the Cryptic Killer's trail
to an old electronics shop.
That evening will have them fighting for their lives...

Coming in early 2022

Game story


The detectives are following Cryptic Killer's trail

After escaping Cryptic Killer's trap, the detectives thoroughly investigated the area where they had been held. Sadly they have found nothing that could move their case closer to catching the killer... Or so they thought.

Later that week, one of the engineers at the police station mentioned that the electronic equipment used to make the traps was quite old and specific. Luckily, there was only one old shop in the area that was still selling devices like that.

Armed with the new knowledge, Ally and Old Dog decided to visit the electronic shop to ask a few questions. Little did they know that that evening would have them fighting for their lives...

Game screenshots

These are not final screenshot, the game is still in development!

Game requirements & details


Modern browser

The game requires only a modern browser, no need to install anything!


2-6 players

The game requires 2 teams and each team needs a separate device.


Over 8 years old

The game is family friendly but the puzzles can be challenging for little ones. Make sure an adult is on their team!


Around 90 minutes

Depending on your puzzle-solving experience this may vary.


3 / 5 difficulty level

Don’t worry, you can always use a clue if you’re stuck. No judgement here!


Limited accessibility

Sadly, the game is not suitable for people with colour blindness, deafness or HOH. We still welcome you to play with the help of your teammates.

What reviewers are saying about the game?

The game has not been released yet, so there are no reviews :)

You are a reviewer and would like to have the first look? Don't hesistate to contact us!

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