About us

Team of superheroes

We are a group of friends, from Poland and Scotland, who connected through our love of games and puzzles.


A scientist, this smart cookie has plenty of drive and energy, which she channels into developing our company. When she eventually takes a break from her busy schedule, she enjoys swimming and hiking.

Her favourite board game is Azul and video game - Sanitarium.



A true leader, not only of Tech, he now wants to use his expertise to enhance the gaming world he has come to love. His passion for creating fun and challenging games was inspired by his own experiences and drive to create the type of games he would like to play. His skills are invaluable to our company but, when he does take some down time, biking is his passion (second only to his wife, Karolina).

His favourite board game is Talisman and video game - XCOM 2.



While she may work in finance her passions lie with psychology, a subject she hopes will influence her contribution to our company. Late to the gaming world, she has embraced it wholeheartedly, which is just as well since her fiancé is Lee.

Her favourite board game is Agricola and video game - Animal Crossing.



A lab technician by trade but a true gamer at heart. His knowledge and enthusiasm for all types of gaming is second to none, as evidenced by his vast and varied collection, and he brings this passion and skills to our company tenfold.

Lee struggled to choose favourites from his board game collection (162 games and counting), but when pushed, he chose Terraforming Mars and couldn’t choose a favourite video game, so said the Souls series.



A busy father of two, he is a freelance artist who has the ability to create amazing characters and worlds, as he often does when drawing comics with his youngest son. All the art in the game has been done by Adam and it transformed the game completely. In his free time he likes to walk his dog, drink beer and read books (not at the same time).

Given his busy life Adam doesn’t get much time to play board games outside of those with his kids (such as Memo and Snail Races) and when time allows he dives back into his favourites from yesteryear such as Quake or Samurai Showdown but also enjoys games like Doom 3 (which is as recent as they get for him).



Our intern, who is a University student from France studying International Trade. She is hoping to bring her knowledge in this area to our company and we're sure she will do great! Zoé also has an interest in fashion and loves to travel (which she hopes to get back to once things return to normal).


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