Unboxing the mind
of a Cryptic Killer

Two detectives fall into Cryptic Killer's trap.
They only have a walkie-talkie, their wits
and 90 minutes to escape.

Price for a team

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Game requirements & details


Modern browser

The game requires only a modern browser, no need to install anything!


2-6 players

The game requires 2 teams and each team needs a separate device.


Over 7 years old

The game is family friendly but the puzzles can be challenging for little ones. Make sure an adult is on their team!


Around 90 minutes

Depending on your puzzle-solving experience this may vary.


3 / 5 difficulty level

Don’t worry, you can always use a clue if you’re stuck. No judgement here!


Limited accessibility

Sadly, the game is not suitable for people with colour blindness, deafness or HOH. We still welcome you to play with the help of your teammates.

What reviewers are saying about the game?

Superb online puzzles don't come by every day, and one under the co-op category is even harder to find. And yet luckily, the return of the Cryptic Killer brings us exactly that. And possibly more carnage. Aw, well. You win some, you lose some.

Escape Mattster

Escape Mattster

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I’m just surprised this game isn’t at well known as it is! It’s a hidden gem for sure and one I’d highly recommend for a couples night in, or reconnecting with a friend via Zoom to puzzle it out for 90 minutes. But which character will you choose to be? Pick wisely!

The Escape Room-er

The Escape Room-er

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I think we've found our first favorite cooperative puzzle game in 2021! This game really bought out the teamwork aspect through the puzzles and game design. We can't wait to see what Eleven Puzzles will be able to whip up in the near future!



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The more I look back on this game, the more I realise how much I enjoyed it.This game holds its’ own among the communication games by Enchambered (Alone Together & Together Apart), and if you like those, play this!

Review The Room

Review The Room

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This is one of the better value games I’ve played for the simple fact that it is a truly cooperative game. That would mean nothing however if the rest of the game was lacking but, luckily, ‘Unboxing the Mind of a Cryptic Killer’ is firing on all cylinders!

Escape Goats

Escape Goats

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Overall, this was an amazing first offering from Eleven Puzzles. I really can’t wait to see their work continue and it’s made me really excited to start my own journey in online escape room development, so thank you!

Borderline Puzzler

Borderline Puzzler

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If you decide to dive into “Unboxing the Mind of a Cryptic Killer,” we hope you have as much fun as we did. Happy hunting, detectives!

Chaos & Confetti

Chaos & Confetti

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Eleven Puzzles nails the split team experience. Can't wait to see what they cook up next.

Puzzling Company

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the purchased code valid?

The code is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. However, don't wait too long because the Cryptic Killer is lurking.

Can we play on mobile devices, e.g., smartphones?

The game is designed for PCs, laptops, or tablets. The bigger your screen, the better, so we don't recommend playing on smartphones, although if you want a challenge, then that's on you!

If our game time runs out, will we be able to finish the game?

Yes, there is nothing to stop you. We know that rushing can be a bad idea, especially when solving puzzles. The timer is there to add some pressure to stop the Cryptic Killer. However, the game's main goal is to have fun, so there's no issue with the timer running out unless your pride gets hurt by it.


Meet the game characters

Old Dog

Stefan "Old Dog" Kowalski

Krakow, Poland

Old dog has always appeared older and wiser than his years, from an early age he wanted to work in law enforcement and achieved his dreams when accepted into the Polish police force.

His successes started before his training was even complete and never really stopped. That was until he was assigned to work with Ally on an international hunt for the Cryptic Killer that ended up becoming his white whale.

Essentially a loner, Old dog spends his nights listening to jazz music and drinking coffee as he obsesses over the details of the decade old cold case.

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Allison Abernathy ("Ally" for short)

Glasgow, Scotland

Ally grew up in a police family and was always destined to join the police force. When Ally puts her mind to something she achieves it and lets nothing get in her way.

Her streak of success as a detective, was interrupted when she worked with the Polish police to investigate the Cryptic Killer case. It was then that she was seriously injured and the perpetrator fled.

Since returning to the services, after recovering from her injures, she now deals with smaller, less complex cases. However, she is still a determined detective and uncompromising investigator.

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Virtual team building or a large group?

Team Building

The game has been used as a team-building exercise on several occasions, and feedback has been very positive!

It's a great bonding experience!

The game is designed heavily around communication. This keeps everyone engaged and actively participating! TEAMWORK and COMMUNICATION are the key to success. The game is accessible for players of any experience level. Both beginners and experienced players can enjoy the game equally.

How many players can play?

There is virtually no limit, but players will have to be divided into smaller groups (we recommend 4-6 players). To date, the biggest group playing the game simultaneously was over 100 players (split into 30+ teams), but our servers can handle up to 1 Million.

How to host a team building event?

It's very easy:

  1. Divide your team into groups of 2-6 players
  2. Establish a communication channel for each group (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc.)
  3. Give each group one of the purchased access codes and a link
  4. Let them have fun!

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ section or contact us.

Buy today, play later

It's not a physical escape room, so no booking needed.
Play anytime so long as it’s within a year from the date of purchase.

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