Parallel Lab

Detectives Ally and Old Dog follow the Cryptic Killer's trail
to an old electronics shop.
That evening will have them fighting for their lives...

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About Parallel Lab

Co-op puzzle adventure

Parallel Lab is a two-player cooperative online puzzle adventure that is all about communication.

Follow parallel paths, explore a secret laboratory, describe what you see, and work together to unravel the mystery!


Split-puzzle experience

In Parallel Lab, the detectives are separated. You’ll see different items and clues than your partner. The game will test not only your puzzle-solving skill but also how well you communicate.

Split Puzzle

Play in the browser

Parallel Lab is played in a browser but controls like a classic point-and-click adventure.

No outside knowledge is required. You won’t have to open additional browser tabs, no Google search, and don’t need to have social accounts. Just pure, self-contained fun!


Play anytime

No need for booking. Just get a License Key, gather your team and play!


Game requirements & details


Modern browser

The game requires only a modern browser, no need to install anything!


2-6 players

The game requires 2 teams and each team needs a separate device.


Over 8 years old

The game is family friendly but the puzzles can be challenging for little ones. Make sure an adult is on their team!


1.5h - 2.5h of playtime

Depending on your puzzle-solving experience this may vary, but you can take as long as you need.


4 / 5 difficulty level

Don’t worry, you can always use a clue if you’re stuck. No judgement here!


Limited accessibility

Sadly, the game is not suitable for people with colour blindness, deafness or HOH. We still welcome you to play with the help of your teammates.

Game screenshots

What reviewers are saying about the game?

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I went in with fairly low expectations but was absolutely blown away. The interactivity and independence are a real positive, and the puzzles themselves were just as good as any physical room.

The Escape Roomer

Georgie from The Escape Roomer

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"Parallel Lab" has an excellent theme and style that draws on classic retro style animation and encourages a level of collaboration while still giving each player something to do, which can be hard to navigate in the online realm of puzzling. Eleven Puzzles does it quite seamlessly!



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If you liked the first game by Eleven Puzzles, then this one is sure to be a hit. Eleven Puzzles take their time with their games, and it shows, this is a quality experience.

Review The Room

Review The Room

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Parallel Lab is a fun cooperative experience that should have players delighting in their shared adventure.

Chaos & Confetti

Chaos & Confetti

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Parallel Labs really leans into cooperative gameplay to deliver a quality experience that’s just plain fun.

Room Escape Artist

Room Escape Artist

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The puzzles are very well done and have the perfect level of difficulty - the answers are not super obvious, you are guided only by your logic. Overall, I liked the game and I rate it 5/6 because it was fun.

PC Mania

PC Mania

Read the full review in Bulgarian

Parallel Lab is an interesting game, with an innovative concept and technology that works surprisingly well. It’s very rare for a game to appear that does something really different and Parallel Lab succeeds.

Combo Caster

Combo Caster

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Best Digital Game

Game story


The detectives are following Cryptic Killer's trail

After escaping Cryptic Killer's trap, the detectives thoroughly investigated the area where they had been held. Sadly they have found nothing that could move their case closer to catching the killer... Or so they thought.

Later that week, one of the engineers at the police station mentioned that the electronic equipment used to make the traps was quite old and specific. Luckily, there was only one old shop in the area that was still selling devices like that.

Armed with the new knowledge, Ally and Old Dog decided to visit the electronic shop to ask a few questions. Little did they know that that evening would have them fighting for their lives...

Frequently asked questions

Should I first play Unboxing the mind of a Cryptic Killer?

No need. Parallel Lab is the second game in the series, but we designed it to be played comfortably as a standalone game.

How other players join the game?

You just use the same License Key. Pay once for the whole team!

Can we play on mobile devices, e.g., smartphones?

The game is designed for PCs, laptops, or tablets. The bigger your screen, the better, so we don't recommend playing on smartphones, although if you want a challenge, then that's on you!

What to do when we are stuck on one of the puzzles?

Each of the puzzles has detailed hints from the first, which will generally point to the items that should be used to complete the puzzle, to the last, in which the solution is given. Hints in between these should provide pointers to help you solve the puzzle yourself. The hints can be found using the light bulb icon on each item's screen.


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