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About the game

Unboxing the mind of a Cryptic Killer is a highly cooperative online escape room experience.

In the game you are tasked with helping two detectives escape the clutches of the Cryptic Killer, a notorious serial killer who had evaded their capture during his reign of terror but has reappeared years later.

The game is played online in a web browser with each team requiring a PC, Laptop or Tablet to play and also a way to communicate. Puzzles are designed in a way to encourage cooperation between the two teams and our puzzle design is unique due to this. Thanks to our artist the graphics are of a very high standard compared with others on the market. The game is designed to appeal to users of all skill levels as our clue system means that even those without experience will never feel stuck and unable to progress.

  • Game time: around 90 minutes (for regular players)
  • Difficulty: 3/5 (medium)
  • Players: 2-6 (split into 2 teams)

The story

You can learn more about the story here.

Promo materials

Promo video on YouTube:

Download game assets and screenshots:

The company

We're based in Poland and Scotland. Learn about the team here or contact us here.

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