Parallel Lab is no more! It's Parallel Experiment now!

Parallel Lab is no more! It's Parallel Experiment now!

Blog24 November, 2023

Hello Detectives! 🕵️🕵️

We're thrilled to announce a significant change to the next chapter of the 'Cryptic Killer' series. Get ready for Parallel Experiment, a game that's not just a sequel but a groundbreaking evolution in our cooperative puzzle adventures.

What's New in Parallel Experiment?

  • A New, Riveting Chapter

Join detectives Old Dog and Ally in their relentless pursuit of the Cryptic Killer. This time, they're unraveling the mystery of the Parallel Experiment. But beware – it could be another trap!

  • A Story Full of Mysteries

Learn the motives of the Cryptic Killer. Is he working alone? Maybe someone helps him? Or maybe there is something more behind his twisted ideas?

  • Our Biggest Title Yet

Get ready for a long puzzle solving journey! Parallel Experiment will be significantly bigger than Unboxing the Cryptic Killer with Demo longer than entire Unsolved Case!

  • Enhanced Co-Op Experience

You and a friend will have new, exciting ways to solve puzzles together and interact with each other while doing so.

  • A Rich, Interactive World

Explore the city of Cracow, filled with hand-illustrated environments inspired by noir novels. The game's world is more alive and interactive than ever.

Release and Demo

We're pouring our hearts and souls into making Parallel Experiment a memorable and engaging game that tests your detective skills and teamwork. As we push the boundaries with a vast scope and innovative mechanics, time is essential to meet our vision of the experience we want to deliver.

  • Steam Next Fest Demo - February 5th 2024

Get a taste of the challenge with a substantial demo – bigger and better than entire Unsolved Case!

  • Release Date - Gear up for the full experience, launching in 2024.

Wishlist now on Steam to stay updated on the journey to release.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We can't wait to see how you tackle the Cryptic Killer's new challenges! 🙏

Eleven Puzzles Team



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