Unsolved Case 1.2.0

Unsolved Case 1.2.0

Blog26 January, 2023

This update is huge because we completely reworked the multiplayer backend to fix connectivity issues, reduce costs, increase stability, and ensure long-term support of the platform.

WARNING: this update is NOT backward compatible, meaning to play together, players need to use game version 1.2.0 or later.

Changes and additions:

  • Reworked the multiplayer backend to fix various connectivity issues
  • Added 60 FPS cap
  • Added autosave after each level
  • Laser puzzle has now fewer obstacles and requires less precision to solve
  • The hint system now warns the user before giving a solution to the puzzle
  • The forklift puzzle now has additional control options

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed changing audio levels in some puzzles
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes would prevent players from advancing a cutscene
  • Fixed various connectivity issues
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent achievements from being saved

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