Top 10 Escape Room Books

Top 10 Escape Room Books

Blog11 October, 2021

The world of books is huge - we have fairy tales, legends, thrillers, sci-fi and much more. The establishment of Escape Rooms started a new chapter in literature by adding another category, which is about them - rooms full of riddles. Today we will not only come across books with gripping stories, telling about the adventures that daredevils have been waiting for, but also those that give us access to knowledge about game construction including rules for Escape Room. That's not all, we can also find collections of puzzles that we can even enjoy solving at home.

Stories inside the rooms

How safe are Escape Rooms nowadays? The answer is easy, very safe because they have a lot of systems that prevent us from being stuck and in emergency situations the staff is there to help us out. However, it's obvious that we will eventually encounter this one thought after entering a room "what if I get stuck in here?". If you find yourself in a situation like that, then u can tell for sure that the Escape room was prepared patiently and someone invested a lot of time and thoughts into it.

Escape Room as a book

Escape Room Books

And what if all Escape Rooms in our city have already been completed by us, and we are still looking for more puzzles that we can deal with? Then we can switch to solve Eleven Puzzles, but what if this story has also been accomplished? In such a situation we’ll get help from paper version of Escape Rooms. Those are books full of ciphers and riddles. Such a collection of puzzles does not have to base only on solving them, but some of these books also tell us a story, just like the scenario while playing in the Escape Room. They will allow us to play the role of a secret spy, or become the most famous master of riddles - Sherlock!

Create your own business - Escape Room

Escape Room Book

And finally, the last group - for those who prefer to create puzzles instead of solving them. There are many of these people who feel that solving complex codes alone and finding some puzzles is not enough for them anymore. Perhaps it's time to set yourself apart to the new challenge of designing your own room. Self understanding that it’s not only about creating some riddles. We’ll have to complete a complicated procedure, starting with a script for the background story and based on that we can decide how the room has to be decorated. The next level is the planning of individual stages for the game while ensuring that all safety requirements are met. An advanced creator of Escape Rooms can easily get lost in the whole process, so you can imagine how hard it can be for a newbie to create his first Escape Room. In bookstores you will find many different books about how to successfully set up an Escape Room and what will be needed for it.

Escape Room in a daily life

It has already become a fact, Escape Rooms are a part of the entertainment world, but they play a huge part in the world of books. Escape Rooms are usually for multiple players, and that includes books! It's not as fun to solve puzzles alone, the best part of a good escape room experience is cooperation. So take an escape room book, sit with your team, and escape together. Fun guaranteed!

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