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Unsolved Case (PC, Mac, iOS, Android)

Is there a single-player mode?

No, Unsolved Case is designed as a co-op experience and therefore it is not possible to play in single player mode. Playing with friends, family or colleagues allows for diverse problem-solving puzzles, and pushes our players to communicate well together and think outside the box.

We believe that the co-op experience is a trade-off worth making for an even more enjoyable, and challenging puzzle experience!

Do I need an active internet connection to play Unsolved Case?

Yes, an internet connection is required at all times to play Unsolved Case. This is because certain features and functionality of the game, such as online multiplayer and achievements require an internet connection to function properly.

Additionally, you may also require an internet connection for updates and downloadable content. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I don't have a partner to play with! What can I do?

If you don\'t have a partner to play our video game with, don\'t worry! Head over to our Discord server and look out for the channel "Find a Detective". You can join the channel and connect with other players looking for fellow detectives to play. This is a great way to meet new people and make friends who share the love for puzzle games!

Can I play Unsolved Case on two different devices by myself?

Yes, technically you can play the video game "Unsolved Case" on two different devices by yourself. However, playing alone on two devices may not provide the same level of excitement and challenge as playing with a fellow detective.

At it's core, Unsolved Case is a co-op experience where two detectives work together to find hidden clues, crack the codes, and communicate to solve the case. So yes, while it is possible to play Unsolved Case by yourself on two different devices, we definitely recommend finding a partner to play with for the best experience!

Does Unsolved Case support voice communication?

Unfortunately, Unsolved Case does not have built-in voice communication support. However, we recommend using our Discord channel's built-in voice chat channels (Walkie Talkies), or your other favourite third-party voice chat software (such as Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or good ol' fashioned mobile phones). This will allow you to discuss clues and strategies in real-time!

Is Unsolved Case cross-platform? What platforms is the game available on?

Yes, Unsolved Case is currently available on Steam, iOS, and Android and is fully cross-play enabled. To get started and download the game, simply visit the Steam store, App store or Google Play store, and search for "Unsolved Case".

When is your next game coming out?

We are currently working on the next game in the series, "Unboxing the Cryptic Killer", which you can wishlist, and we aim to release it by Spring 2023.

We are very excited to continue the story of Old Dog, Ally and the Cryptic Killer and can't wait to bring you the next chapter, packed with more adventure, new challenges, and new puzzles to solve. We hope it'll be worth the wait.

In the mean time, we will keep you updated on the progress of the game and any new information will be shared on our website and social media channels. So stay tuned!

Why is Unsolved Case free? What's the catch?

There is no catch! Unsolved Case is free to play as we want to give players the opportunity to dip their toes into the Cryptic Killer series. Additionally, it serves as a prequel to our other games and gives players a taste of the kind of gameplay and puzzles they can expect from our other titles.

Additionally, there are no ads or in-app purchases (IAPs) in the game, it's a complete game that you can enjoy without any interruptions or hidden costs.

It's just our little way of thanking our players for their loyalty, and offering a fantastic puzzle game to enjoy for free. And it will remain free forever, we want as many people as possible to playing.

We hope you'll enjoy playing and we look forward to your feedback!

I found a bug! What do I do?

If you have found a bug in the game, please let us know about it as soon as possible!

You can report the bug on our dedicated Discord channel or by sending an email to [email protected]. When reporting an issue, please provide as much detail as possible, including:

  • A detailed description of the bug
  • The steps to reproduce the bug
  • Screenshots or videos that show the bug in action
  • Your device type and operating system version

This information will help us to reproduce and fix the issue more quickly. We'll keep you updated on the progress of the bug fix and we'll share any new information with you directly.

What's the deal with the web games?

We're currently in the process of updating the content, adding new puzzles, and migrating all our web games to new platforms. This means that we are working to make them available on other platforms such as Steam, iOS, and Android.

In the near future, our web games will continue to be available to play via our website until the transition has been completed, but we're no longer providing any updates or support!

Is Unsolved Case a complete game?

Yes, Unsolved Case is a complete game packed with twists and turns, puzzles, and a full story. However, as many of our eagle eyed players have noticed, it does end on a cliff hanger, which will be answered in the next game of the series, "Unboxing the Mind of a Cryptic Killer".

Will Unsolved Case be included as a first chapter in a different game?

No, Unsolved Case is a standalone title and will not be included as a first chapter in a different game. However, it is part of a series of games that follow Ally and Old Dog as they investigate the chilling 'Cryptic Killer case'. As such, each game in the series will be a standalone title, but players who are interested in the bigger picture can follow the character' journey through the series by playing all the games.

Where are the translations?

At the moment, Unsolved Case is only available in English. We understand that our players come from all over the world and would love to play in their native language, and it's our intention to translate the game into as many possible languages in the near future. However right now we are a very small team, and the process takes time.

I loved Unsolved Case! How can I support you guys?

Thank you so much for your support of Unsolved Case! We're so glad you enjoyed the game. There are a few ways you can help support us and our future games:

  • Leave a positive review: If you enjoyed the game, leaving a positive review on Steam, the App Store or Google Play can help others discover the game.
  • Join our Discord community: Joining our Discord community is a great way to stay up-to-date on our latest games, connect with other players, and give us feedback directly on our games.
  • Share the game with friends: Sharing the game with your friends, family, and on social media can help us reach a wider audience and gain more support.
  • Follow us on social media: Following us on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, will allow you to stay up-to-date on our latest developments and news.

We greatly appreciate any support you can give us, it allows us to continue creating games that we hope you'll enjoy!

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