How to play

The first step is to purchase a code from the website. Once you have a code, you can enter it into the website and prepare yourself to play. One code is valid for both teams, whether there is one computer per team or three.


The game is similar in style to escape rooms; however, this one is entirely digital and can be played from the safety of your own home. All you need is a minimum of two people with two computers. The game is team-based and works with up to three computers per team. You can play remotely with friends or family using programs such as Skype, Zoom etc or you can play in the same room as each other provided you have at least one computer per team (don’t look at each other’s screens in such a situation!).

power lock

The game is highly cooperative in nature, and it pays to pay close attention to the items found in the game. Discussing what each team can see in their box is usually a good starting point, and hopefully, you will hear something that sparks an idea in your head about how to solve the puzzles based on what you have to hand. You shouldn’t need to go looking on the internet for information or clues. Everything you need should be on your screen. If you get really stuck, there are detailed clues with each interactive item in the game to guide you through the puzzles depending on how much information you need. There is no penalty for using the clues, and so it’s better to use them than to sit stuck on a puzzle, which can reduce the fun element of the game.


Given that there will be things that are handy to remember, we recommend having a pen and paper or other writing devices to hand to jot down anything you may need for completing the puzzles.


Once you have a team, some writing tools, and your brain ready to go, then it’s time to get comfy, maybe grab some drinks and snacks, and immerse yourself in the game. The game will take between 1-2 hours depending on how fast you progress and can be stopped and resumed if something comes up or your brain gets too tired!


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