Frequently asked questions (Web Games)

Buying process

How long is the purchased code valid?

The code is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. However, don't wait too long because the Cryptic Killer is lurking.

Can I reuse the code?

Sadly no, the code is for a one time use and progress is saved as you go so it's not possible to start the game again using the same code and if you leave the game and come back to it your progress will be saved to the last known game state, upon completing the game the code will remain saved as a complete game with no way to return to previous levels.

Can I buy a gift code?

Sure. You can give a purchased code to anyone. Not only as a gift either, UNBOXING THE MIND OF A CRYPTIC KILLER would be perfect as an element of an integration meeting, bachelor party, or just meeting with friends. In fact, we could find plenty of opportunities to play UNBOXING THE MIND OF A CRYPTIC KILLER. Provided you have a computer with Internet access and at least one other person in the same position.

What happens if I accidentally share my game code with someone else?

We cannot help you in this situation. Try to contact this person so that they do not use the code you provided.

How long do I have to wait after I buy the game to play?

The code for your game should be delivered instantly via e-mail. In the rare event you experience a problem - message us, and we will aim to sort it as quickly as possible (please note that we are a European team and may not be available to answer in the middle of the night).

Game mechanics

Can we stop the game and come back to it later?

Technically it is possible, but we do encourage you to play the game in one session. Doing so will allow you to get more immersed in the atmosphere. The Cryptic Killer will be defeated sooner, and you will be able to celebrate foiling their plans. If you do need a break, however, the code you used to start the game will return you to the level that you stopped playing on.

In the event of an interrupted game, will the counter be stopped?

No, the counter will not stop when you interrupt the game.

Can we reset the game and start over?

We are afraid that's not possible. It's best to take a break in-between levels as we pause your game there. If you take a break in the middle of a level, even if you close the browser, the timer will keep ticking. The detectives are fighting for their lives, with or without you!

If our game time runs out, will we be able to finish the game?

Yes, there is nothing to stop you. We know that rushing can be a bad idea, especially when solving puzzles. The timer is there to add some pressure to stop the Cryptic Killer. However, the game's main goal is to have fun, so there's no issue with the timer running out unless your pride gets hurt by it.

Can we go back to the previous puzzle?

Within the same level, you can jump between puzzles. The nature of the game, however, means that there are some puzzles that, once you complete them they will change state. These cannot be returned to in their original form.

Can we go back to the previous level?

You cannot return to previous levels in the game. However, suppose you finish the level before the other team, if they get stuck or need some information from you, then they always have the option in game to show them the necessary information by using the clue system.

Can you switch teams during the game?

It is theoretically possible. If you want to switch teams, you have to exit the game and log in again. You will resume the game exactly where you changed roles. But let's be serious. You are undertaking a criminal case, and this is not kindergarten, so you can't act as if you have teleportation and body-swapping powers at your disposal. This is about the Cryptic Killer, not a Science Fiction story. If we make a game in a sci-fi world in the future, teleportation will be something we will look into, possibly even body-switching!

Can I change the language of the game?

Sadly you cannot change the language in the game. The puzzles are written in English. Besides, our detectives: Steve "Old Dog" Kowalski, Allison Abernathy as well as the Cryptic Killer, all communicate in this language. This is an international criminal case but without international languages.

Does it matter what time zone we are in during the game?

Basically no. If one of your teams is in a different time zone, you have to decide which of you doesn't need that much sleep or can play well whilst tired. Although the game is so addictive that you will probably not fall asleep after it, we imagine your brain will be turned up to maximum power.

Do teams have to run the game and work on puzzles at the same time?

It is absolutely necessary. Without cooperating with the other team you won't get far at all, and the Cryptic Killer will most definitely succeed. We wrote in the description of the game that cooperation will be important for a reason. It is up to both teams to succeed in the mission to stop the Cryptic Killer.

Is there a hard limit of 6 players?

If you want to play in a larger group, you have the option. We have tested the software with a larger amount of devices, and it worked well. However, since the game requires constant communication, more than 6 players will be challenging. The software can handle 6 individual screens playing, but you could have multiple people per screen. In the event of your failure in the game, the Cryptic Killer will gladly increase their number of victims.

Can we play on mobile devices, e.g., smartphones?

The game is designed for PCs, laptops, or tablets. The bigger your screen, the better, so we don't recommend playing on smartphones, although if you want a challenge, then that's on you!

If I lose my internet connection, will I be able to resume the game after reconnecting?

Yes. See: Can we stop the game and come back to it later?

Can I choose the difficulty level of the puzzles?

No. The puzzles in the game are preset and do not have any options to tune difficulty.

Is the game suitable for children?

The game is suitable for kids, but it's still best if they have an adult in their team to help them because some of the puzzles can be a bit tricky. We would say the game does have a dark theme to it, which might not be suitable for very young kids. The game is about a murderer, and there is talk of murders throughout it; however, there is no blood, gore or jump scares in it. It's certainly a fun family activity, just possibly with slightly older kids.

Do you need more than a computer with Internet access to play?

We recommend that you take notes during the game, so you may need paper, something to write, and a good mood is always a plus.

What to do when we are stuck on one of the puzzles?

Each of the puzzles has detailed hints from the first, which will generally point to the items that should be used to complete the puzzle, to the last, in which the solution is given. Hints in between these should provide pointers to help you solve the puzzle yourself. The hints can be found using the light bulb icon on each item's screen.

Is it a “closed game“, or do players have to use external sources (like Facebook, Instagram, Mail, Google, Google Maps etc.) to solve puzzles?

It's a closed game, so you shouldn't need any external help at all. All the information is in the game. It may just not be immediately obvious as it wouldn't be an escape style game otherwise.

Is there a live avatar or a host?

No, this is not a game with a live avatar or host. The game is entirely digital and will not require communication with anyone outside of those you are playing with.

Virtual team building or a large group

How can I buy multiple copies of the game?

Yes, you can buy multiple copies of the game via the website. When you hit the buy button, it opens up our purchasing portal, which has a basket icon in the top left of the window. You can click on that to adjust how many copies you wish to purchase.

Is it suitable for a team event?

We have been used as a team building exercise on several occasions, and feedback has been very positive. Just remember that the recommended max party size of 6 is there to allow everyone to communicate efficiently. If your team is bigger, just split into groups. The fewer people per game means the more those individuals will have to communicate, so playing with 2 or 4 is also an option.

Is it possible to play the game with several teams in parallel (e.g. 30+ teams of 4 people)?

Our servers can handle many games running simultaneously; however, our limit of 6 people per game (3 per team) is there as any more than that is going to be difficult to coordinate communication without things getting too busy. If you were looking to run 30+ games with up to 6 people per game, it would definitely be possible. The time taken by players is given at the end, which can serve as a comparison point in a competition setting.


We found a bug in the game; what should I do?

If you are convinced that you have found a bug, please let us know via the contact tab.

I did not find an answer to my question - what to do?

Write to us via the contact tab, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can!

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