World escape room championship comes to Prague!

World escape room championship comes to Prague!

Blog20 June, 2024

Details of the 8th edition of the escape room championship, currently being held under the name ER Champ are already known. The first stage, the online qualifications, will take place on Saturday, June 29. You can apply until the day of the qualifications, and the grand final will be held on November 25 in the capital city of Czechia. This is an opportunity to challenge last year's champions, the Riddler Sukiyaki team from Japan, and other top players from around the world.

This event is growing. In fact, it "explodes" on its own. We didn't expect that there would be so much interest, and literally from all over the world. Until now, the finals have always been held in Poland, the country where they have their genesis. But precisely because of this expansion, it's time to move on. We have a special fondness for the Czech escape room scene, we have many friends there, and Prague is famous for its great rooms. On top of that, we have established a relationship with Fun Arena, where we will be able to organize a real escape room feast. So the choice of this city for the finals of this year's edition was largely natural.

Says Bartosz Idzikowski of, the organizer of ER Champ


The ER Champ World Championship has been organized since 2020 and grew out of the Polish championship. The formula "caught on" to such an extent that enthusiasts from practically all continents began to be interested in it, ready to fly in for a few days from Japan or the USA to test themselves in confrontation with others.


Registration for the 2024 edition has already begun and will continue until the online elimination stage, which will take place on June 29 in the form of a point-and-click game. This year, players have chosen the storyline themselves through voting. It will be the story of "TV-Maniacs," telling the adventure of two TV lovers who have been drawn into their TV set. In order to return to the real world, they must find all the remote control buttons scattered across the various channels. This stage will determine the top 10 teams, which will compete for the title of best in the world in the fall at the Fun Arena in Prague. They will have two escape rooms specially designed for the occasion to overcome. Teams must consist of 2-4 players and can be entered at Participation in the competition is free of charge.


The competition has been organized from the beginning by the team. However, from year to year, with the need to adapt to the increasing level, the program council and the group of ambassadors, which support the organizers with content in the creation of scenarios for the games, but also in the promotion of the competition in their countries, have expanded. This group includes escape room personalities from the USA, Japan, France, Sweden, and Italy, among others.


The final will take place on November 25, 2024. The Prague final of the competition will also be an opportunity for the international escape room community to come together. On-site, in a special fan zone, it will be possible to follow the competition live (there will also be a live stream), and after the competition, there will be an after-party with the participation of industry representatives and leading companies. Also, expect a strong rush to the city and explore the city's escape room offerings. How to participate in ER Champ 2024?

  1. Gather a team of 2-4 people: preferably consisting of people who not only like solving escape rooms but also do it fast ;)
  2. By June 29, create accounts and register through the competition website.
  3. On Saturday, June 29, there will be an online elimination stage (a point-and-click online game), the results of which (game passage times) will determine which 10 teams will move on - that is, to the grand finale.

Participation is free of charge!

Link to the competition website:

Video summary of the finals of the '23 edition:



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