Parallel Experiment - Devlog 1 - The Demo Release

Parallel Experiment - Devlog 1 - The Demo Release

Blog11 April, 2024

Dear Detectives,

The journey of creating a game is filled with milestones, and one of our most anticipated moments recently unfolded—the launch of the Parallel Experiment demo during Steam Next Fest on February 5th. This event wasn't just a chance to showcase our game; it was a profound moment of reflection on our journey, the teamwork involved, and the community engagement that followed.

The Journey to Launch

Releasing our demo at Steam Next Fest on February 5th was an incredible milestone for our team. We devoted a lot of time and effort to perfecting it, and the opportunity to present it to a broader audience was deeply meaningful for us. This event wasn't just about showcasing our work; it was a moment of pride, showcasing the dedication and hard work we've invested in Parallel Experiment.

As we developed the demo, our team expanded significantly, both in numbers and in spirit. This growth required us to adapt and find a unified way of working together. The process of creating the demo solidified us as a team, transforming a group of individuals into a cohesive unit with a shared vision for what Parallel Experiment could become.

Launching the demo was a major highlight, but it also marked the beginning of a new phase in our project. With every piece of the game we polished and every bug we fixed, we didn't just move closer to release; we also discovered more about our strengths as a team. This journey was about more than just developing a game; it was about learning to harness our collective skills and creativity. As we shared our creation with the world, we not only looked forward to the feedback but also to growing further as a team and taking our game to new heights.

superheroes Together we can do anything!

Facing the Challenges

Transitioning from development to launch wasn't smooth sailing. Our journey was enriched by the critical feedback from our early playtesters, who pointed out several areas we could improve. Acting on their invaluable insights, we managed to iron out most issues just in time for the demo's debut. This proactive approach not only enhanced the quality of our demo but also underscored the importance of community feedback in the development process.

In all the excitement, we ventured into our first livestream during Steam Next Fest, facing a few technical hiccups along the way. Despite these challenges, the livestream became a memorable part of our journey, offering us a unique opportunity to connect with our audience, share our development insights, and further cement our relationship with the gaming community.

stream Not perfect.. but at least it was fun!

Additionally, the support and enthusiasm from the community were eye-opening. It showed us how much players care about the game and their eagerness to see it succeed. This interaction didn't just help us fix technical issues; it deepened our understanding of what our players expect and enjoy. Every comment, suggestion, and piece of praise was a building block for the better version of Parallel Experiment we're striving to create. These experiences, though challenging, were invaluable. They reminded us that creating a game is a collaborative journey with our community, not just a task to be completed.

The Numbers

Seeing over 10,000 players engage with our demo during last 2 months was both exhilarating and humbling. The feedback we received was incredibly positive, fueling our passion and dedication to making Parallel Experiment even better. This level of engagement surpassed our expectations and provided us with valuable insights into our players' experiences and preferences.

During this release, we gather some stats to get a better understanding of how our players actually play our games. But not all stats were for research purposes, some were just for funsies. For example, during the entire Steam Next Fext (one week) over 2000 players enjoyed the demo and while doing so, they collectively knocked on the window exactly 135 223 times. Yes, 60 knocks per person. That's a great score if you ask us!

Keep on knockin'!

Reflections and Moving Forward

Participating in Steam Next Fest was a pivotal experience for us. It highlighted our team's growth, the effectiveness of our problem-solving strategies, and the enthusiastic support of our community. We're profoundly grateful for the feedback and encouragement we've received, which continue to inspire our journey.

The fest not only showcased our progress but also reaffirmed our commitment to delivering a game that meets the high standards of our players and ourselves. Reflecting on this event, we see it not just as a milestone but as a stepping stone towards greater achievements. It has set a new benchmark for us, pushing us to aim higher and dream bigger. The constructive criticism and positive reactions have been instrumental in shaping our roadmap for the future, making us more excited than ever to bring our vision for Parallel Experiment to life.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure with us. Your support means the world to us, and we look forward to sharing more updates and milestones as we continue to develop Parallel Experiment. Stay tuned!

That's all from us for today! Hop onto our Discord if you'd like to ask any questions, or simply let us know what you think about devlogs like this one. And make sure to whishlist Parallel Experiment on Steam!

Thank you for all your support!

Cheers! Eleven Puzzles Team



He blends a keen understanding of the gaming industry with a flair for engaging diverse audiences. With a background in game testing, he brings a detailed eye to every project. He also dedicates time to charity gaming events, where he volunteers in marketing and sponsorship acqusition.

An avid RPG enthusiast, his favorites include the intricate worlds of the 'Fallout' series, 'Skyrim,' and 'Mount & Blade: Warband'. This passion for immersive storytelling extends into his love for board games and tabletop RPGs, often enjoyed in the company of his fiancé. He loves music and grabs any instrument in sight, though he admits to not playing any of them particularly well.

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