Two new team members

Two new team members

Blog28 July, 2022

We're beyond excited that not one, but two wonderful people joined Eleven Puzzles! They're both extremely talented and will help us bring our games to the next level. Give them some love!


Mairi is an Edinburgh-based Game Designer of the video game and board game variety who also dabbles in Marketing and Community Management. When not at her desk, Mairi can be found drinking lots of tea, dyeing her hair bright colours, and enthusiastically trying to solve every escape room in the world (although not necessarily all at the same time).

Her favourite board game is Mysterium and favourite video game is Night in the Woods.

Follow Mairi on Twitter.


Professionally associated with software quality assurance. A man of many different hobbies - old computers enthusiast (mainly Amiga, Atari, Commodore) and computer demoscene enthusiast. Landscape photographer. A sound engineer and composer in one for over 20 years.

Favorite board game - Talisman (with all expansions). Favorite games - almost all games from the non-existent Bullfrog Productions studio: Syndicate, Theme Hospital, Populous, Dungeon Keeper.

Listen to his music on Spotify, check out his website, or follow him on Twitter.



Has a background in software engineering and management. His passion for creating fun and challenging games was inspired by his own experiences and drive to create the type of games he would like to play. His skills are invaluable to our company but, when he does take some down time, mountain biking is his passion.

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