Puzzling Company Podcast

Puzzling Company Podcast

Blog18 January, 2022

We're in a podcast! Puzzling Company just released an episode where Jared and Zach review our game and chat with Adrian: co-founder at Eleven Puzzles.

Topics include:
🆕 how the company started
👥 the background of each team member and how it affects the game design
2️⃣ split-puzzle design
🧩 design challenges
🎨 why we picked such distinct art style
🎉 and much more

We highly recommend finding Puzzling Company on any of the major podcasting platforms and giving it a listen. If you enjoy the podcast, don't forget to leave a 5-star review. Jared and Zach will definitely appreciate it!



Has a background in software engineering and management. His passion for creating fun and challenging games was inspired by his own experiences and drive to create the type of games he would like to play. His skills are invaluable to our company but, when he does take some down time, mountain biking is his passion.

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